show Emphasizing a sex positive approach to sexual expression and sexual identity, Temptation Time® with Tiffany is a radio talk show that focuses on communication, sexuality and relationships. Temptation Time® with Tiffany will provide you with insight and spark your interest in all things sexual. Temptation Time® - A Time to be Shocked, Informed and Entertained.


Tiffany is the author of Our Vacation Sex: From A-Z. The book uncovers the ways in which communication and acceptance fosters sexual exploration and satifaction. Committed couples can experience the best sex ever when they play outside the norm, when they are open to explore sexuality together and when they reject gender specific rules regarding sexuality. When we truly accept our partner, and when they truly accept us, (and when we accept ourselves) we pave the way to amazing, exploratory, couple focused sexual experiences and expressions. Any sexual activity, any sexual exploration, is acceptable, desirable and encouraged when couples come together in trust, communication, and acceptance. Why wait for a vacation to experience mind blowing sex when you can make all sex, vacation sex.

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Tiffany Jones, M.A. is a registered psychotherapist and has been a Sex and Relationship Coach for over ten years. In her practice, Denver Sexology, LLC, she sees individuals and couples who are struggling with intimacy issues, working towards better communication skills and/or seeking to increase their sexual satisfaction. Besides hosting Temptation Time®, she writes a monthly column on Nouveau Dating, serves as the resident sex expert on Nightstand TV, facilitates women's workshops for special events, writes for Examiner on sex and relationships and maintains a Q & A blog for Nexus Range based in the UK. She has been a weekly guest sex therapist on a local radio show, and provided insight on sex addiction as a guest sex therapist on a local GBTL TV show. She currently appears as a guest expert on a health/beauty/wellness website hosted by Dr. Gregory A. Buford, one of Denver’s most preeminent plastic surgeons. In October 2012 she will be a presenter at "Beyond the Bedroom," on the topic on how to become a more sexually confident woman.

Ms. Jones is an active member of both AASECT (American Society of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) and SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality).


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Guest Dr. Gina Ogden
Gina Ogden PhD, LMFT has had a distinguished career as a sex therapist, family therapist, researcher, teacher, and author. She conducts retreats and trainings internationally, lectures widely, leads teleseminars attended by professionals all over the world, and has appeared on the media from talk radio to the Oprah Winfrey Show. She has written seven books on women's sexual health, pleasure, and the meanings of sexual relationship. Her most recent books are: The Return of Desire, Women Who Love Sex, and The Heart and Soul of Sex. She is currently writing a book for therapists and other health providers: Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy-An Integrative Model for Individuals, Couples, and Groups. website
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Guest Kendall C. Siefert
Mr. Siefert rejected the strict Puritanism of his parents and has lived a naturalist lifestyle since his late teens. He believes that our bodies and our sexuality are at the core of our being, yet our hypocritical society forces us to lie to ourselves and others about these fundamental truths. He is surprised that even today, many people choosing to live a naturalist lifestyle cannot talk about it for fear that they will be judged by their peers, family or co-workers. With a strong belief in our fundamental right for peaceful assembly, positive body-image and sexual freedom, he decided to open a lifestyle club in Denver in 2002 called Scarlet Ranch that continues to grow and prosper. Although many consider Scarlet Ranch a "swingers club", he rejects that title. He prefers "lifestyle club" since most people at any given event will not have sexual encounters with another. Scarlet Ranch serves as more of a social organization of like-minded individuals and couples looking to live a honest life that is not lost in hypocrisy. As Kendall puts it, the old hippie saying of "If it feels good, do it!" still rings true at Scarlet Ranch today. Scarlet Ranch, Scarlet Lifestyle, Squirrel Creek Lodge.
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Guest Chris Donaghue
Christopher Donaghue is a sexuality expert specializing in the sexuality spectrum and addictive behaviors such as sexual compulsivity/sex addiction, as well as mood and relational intimacy disorders. He has dedicated his professional life to helping people reclaim control of their sex lives through intense individual and group therapy sessions. Having received his Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Temple University, Chris is currently finishing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Chris specializes in couples and sex therapy, as well as running sex addiction, love addiction and sexuality group therapy at The Hills Treatment Center in California. Chris is the sexuality expert for the docu-reality series Bad Sex on LOGO. website
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Guest Tristan Taormino®
Tristan Taormino® is an award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, and feminist pornographer. She is the author of seven books and is the editor of 23 anthologies. She runs her own adult film production company, Smart Ass Productions, and is currently an executive director for Vivid Entertainment. She has directed and produced 24 adult films, including her multi-award winning debut film based on her book, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. Tristan has been featured in over 200 publications, and appeared on CNN, HBO's Real Sex, NBC's The Other Half, The Howard Stern Show, Loveline, MTV, Oxygen, Fox News, and The Discovery Channel, on subjects ranging from erotic empowerment to challenging the social construction of monagamy. Puckerup website (Site is NSFW) and Tristan Taormino website.  
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Guest Mistress Djuna
Mistress Djuna is a relationship and sexuality coach focusing on expanding consciousness through BDSM (aka power exchange) and the entire Tantric continuum. She feels that power exchange affords opportunities for exploration of the psyche, the body, and relationships unlike anything else. Life does not easily offer relationships that hold space for kinky desires, yet for those who are so inclined, these aspects are essential to explore. With trust, rapport, and time, the exploration can deepen and evolve. In her role as a professional Dominant, it's her intention to discover fulfilling, life-enhancing outlets for these unique desires for couples, groups, and singles. website blog
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Guest Daka Dan
Daka-Dan desires to transform the conversation of sex and sexuality throughout the world. Dan has completed levels 1-4 of Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality training, has studied the sexual healing practices of the Taoist tradition and has attended The Body Electric School to further expand his experience. He incorporates all of the above learning in direct work with individuals and couples who seek greater depth and intimacy in their relationships. website website
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Guests Lafayette Morehouse
Our three guests, Judy St. John, Colin Selig and Janet Raibaldi are members of Lafayette Morehouse - a group living community located in Lafayette, California that started over 40 years ago. Morehouse members believe they have discovered how to have a life of sensual pleasure that is ever expanding. In 1976, Morehouse presented the first known public demonstration of a woman in a state of orgasm. The orgasm lasted for an hour. link Today, Morehouse provides courses in the areas of communication, sensuality, man/woman relationships, jealousy, money, possessions and other issues of group living. Morehouse will offer a course entitled "Basic Sensuality", in Broomfield, Colorado from June 9-10. website
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Guests Charles Muir and Dawn Beck
After having been deeply involved with practicing and teaching the spiritual aspects of Yoga for over 12 years, Charles Muir founded The Source School of Tantra Yoga in 1978. Mr. Muir observed that traditional yogic methods of celibacy, as a way of expressing one's sexual energy, did not work for most of his yoga students. To solve the problem, he developed unique experiential exercises that enable his students to align and ground their sexual self (second chakra psyche) with the rest of their psycho/energy system. By helping to enable passion, love, and consciousness to join together, he believes that sex becomes transformed into a profound and loving meditation between couples that increases intimacy, joy and connection. website As an Advanced Certified Educator, Dawn Beck and her Beloved, Gerard, provide Tantric and Sacred Sexuality Exploration and Education in the Boulder and Denver Metro area for women, men, and couples. Education is offered in the form of full day, two day and weekend workshops, as well as private coaching. website
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Guest Lynda
Lynda is what has been labeled by society -- a male to female Transgendered person. As of June, 2011, she started a process called "Transition." That is, she is changing her gender. Once she completes Transition, most people will not recognize her when compared with the person she is today. This process could take up to 6 years to complete. She recognizes this will be a slow, yet well planned out, Transition. She felt that 'something' was different around the age of 5 or 6. Fear, anxiety, and denial kept her from living what she calls her 'true nature' until the age of 49. As for her sexual orientation, Lynda is attracted to women. She strongly believes that society needs to recognize the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. Lynda feels strongly that she has no control over her feeling of being female. She has been employed at the Denver Police Fleet maintenance garage for the last 22 years. email
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Guest Suzanne Muller
While on the dating court Suzanne Muller has been heart-broken, stood up, cheated on, hurt, elated, swept off her feet, broken up with over text and voicemail, yelled at, stalked, moved to tears happy, broken hearts, been to wonderful places, dated multiple people, and online dated. About two years ago, she and her web designer founded a company called First Base and Beyond. The 3-hour dating workshop empowered people to create a new future around dating, relationships, the genders, and love. The results clients produced were amazing. People that had almost put dating on the shelf forever are now in love and in long term, healthy relationships. Her current venture is a nationwide service called "Happy Living Forever – Dating Made Simple." Through it she strives to provide a safe place for singles to express themselves, explore dating in a new way, and come away empowered ready to find love. website email
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Guests "Hollywood" Vince Kelvin & Ross Speer
Vince Kelvin is the author of "The Same Night Sex System" and creator of "Integrated Game (TM)", a unique approach that combines natural improvisational flow with extremely potent structured skills to generate maximum sexual conductivity. He's the owner of, has clients in over 32 countries and has been called the missing link between "Maybe..." and "Make-outs!" Ross Speer is a world famous dating coach and founder of the Global Pickup Conference. Speer has made on-air appearances on MSNBC and has hosted events all over the world through his Global Conferences and Training Seminars. VH1's Pickup Artist Mystery called him "the best in the world." An MSNBC reporter wrote that "When he gives you a hug, you get giddy and laugh and I'm a guy." Check out website

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Guest Saskia Davis
Mistress Saskia is Denver's Delightfully Demented Dominatrix. She runs Pavlovia (a house of professional domination), The RACK Room (a private dungeon), serves on the board of Leather Magick (a Colorado leather community charity), is a facilitator for COLLAR (a women's leather group) and has been active in Denver's BDSM scene since the mid-1990s. website

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Guests Stephanie Jensen &
Oscar Aguirre
Stephanie Jensen is a personal chef and the owner of Aphrodite's Kitchen. website She specializes in cooking with aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. Aphrodisiacs arouse sex organs and heighten visual, tactile, olfactory, and auditory experiences. Chef Oscar Aguirre operates Sabores Sensuals: an intimate personal catering service designed to provide you the tools to rekindle and re-energize the lost art of seduction and romance. email Whether cooking together, making your partner into an edible dessert, or just feeding your partner delectable foods, both Stephanie and Oscar want to show you how to use food to spice to your sex life and heighten your sexual desire.
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Guest Dr. Ziggy, PHD
Dr. Ziggy is a well known and respected Social Psychologist and Sexologist teaching at a private Southeast liberal arts college. He has conducted numerous studies regarding the swinging lifestyle and will inform us of those results. The studies involve, among other things, an analysis of who swingers are and why they swing, the measurement of the martial and sexual satisfaction of swingers, the STD rate of swingers, the safe sex practices of swingers, and the commercialization of the swinging lifestyle. Dr. Ziggy has appeared in several television and radio shows in Canada and the U.S. and has been interviewed by national publications. Most recently, he consulted as an advisor on the upcoming documentary "our America" (Lisa Ling) "Swingers Next Door", to be aired on July 29, 2012 on the Oprah Winfrey Network. email
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Guest Zander Keig, MSW
Mr. Keig is an award winning speaker and an expert on the topic of transgendered persons. He has conducted educational workshops on the topic for corporations, universities, medical centers, and government agencies. In service to the trans community, Mr. Keig has co-edited two trans male anthologies: the Lambda Literary Award Finalist Letters for my Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect (Wilgefortis, 2011) and Hung Jury: Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transsexual Men (forthcoming: Transgress Press, 2012). In addition, he is a Director of TransMentors International, the volunteer coordinator for Trans Youth Family Allies, and a member of the Transgender Advisory Group for the California Department of Mental Health Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Reducing Disparities Project. website and blog.
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Guest Domme Danielle
Danielle is a sapiosexual, progressive advocate for equal rights and sexuality. She strives to diminish stereotypes and preconceived notions about sex, labels, gender identity, and sexual orientation. She grew up surrounded by members of the LGBTQ community and is proud to consider herself a part of the American Gay Rights Movement. She has worked in the adult entertainment industry for the past 6 years and for the past 3 years has been immersed in the BDSM/fetish community as a Professional Lifestyle Dominatrix. She also co-facilitates the Denver Dominants' Monthly Discussion Group at the Sanctuary. email  website
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Guest 1st Amendment Rights Attorney
Can women mow their lawns topless? Can you walk around nude inside your home with your drapes open? How far can we go with public displays of affection? Should you have your submissive lover sign a release before play? See, not all law is boring. This week's guest is a Denver based attorney specializing in First Amendment Rights. Although what our attorney guest has to say cannot and should not be considered legal advice, and he is not serving as anyone's attorney simply by answering questions during the show, his insight into the interplay between the First Amendment and obscenity, sexual expression, and sexual materials should prove to be both stimulating and educational.
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Guest Suzann Robins: Cuddle Party Facilitator
Cuddle Party is a national movement to learn about safe, nurturing affectionate touch. Part workshop, part social event, Cuddle Party is about asking for what you want in the moment. This is not simply a skill to be used on a date or during a sexual encounter, but something that can be utilized in all areas of your life. Cuddle Party is non-sexual, and for most people not even a sensual event, but rather a structured communication workshop. In the three hours we are together, we set up activities that are played out between groups of 2,3,4, 5, even 6 people, depending on those who wish to participate. Some just watch, or hold space, others talk, and others offer each other some sort of physical contact. We don't "network." Often, what people do for work is never mentioned. Instead, we talk about our desire for touch. website

Check Back in Early January for Details Regarding Season Two.

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